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Classy Horsewear - Offers Slickers, Sheets, Hoods, Shoulder Guards, Tail Tubes, Leg Wraps, Tail Baga, and much more!!!

Welcome to Classy Horsewear
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Quality Class Affordability

We are excited to bring to you the finest in horse apparel. We've built our reputation on our motto.

  • Protect your horses mail, shoulders, withers with our Slickers and Hoods!Quality: Our products are put together to not only fit your horse like a glove, but to last.

  • Class: If it's a Tuxedo slicker you want, we will make you look good.

  • Affordability: One more key ingredient to our success has been that we've made all of the above affordable.

We feel that we have developed a more superior product by going the extra mile, all our products are Triple Stitched. Our high quality Slickers/Hoods feature all of the components that work best - a full zip front for easy removal, padded nose for comfort, and a panel between the front legs that attaches to the girth strap for a secure fit, and everything is triple stitched down. These come in a wide variety of colors and prints, even in the very classy 'Tuxedo' style.


Classy Horsewear - Horse Sheets, Protects you horse hairWe don't cut corners!

Classy Horsewear also makes a Body Sheet that not only helps shine and slick up your horses coat, but also protects your horse from rubbing beneath a heavy winter blanket…..so is a great year round necessity!

Besides our Slickers/Hoods and Body Sheets, Classy Horsewear also has Tail Bags, Tail Tubes/ Tail Wraps, and you can get any Classy Horsewear products to color match.


Plus…..all of our Horsewear products are washing machine friendly!


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We will not disclose any of your personal information, period!


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